The Goddess CD & Show

The Goddess CD

12 most beautiful and powerful song messages, composed by AMIYA together with Jens Gad, the Enigma producer, and Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, the lyrics author. In the composition and live performance of the music, particular methods were employed. The music was composed and performed with the help of a unique copyright emotional competence development training program; therefore, in the concert and training session, a person has a chance to experience their whole self as their greatest potential for their own growth, and to go through powerful and inspiring positive states. You can discover a Creator within you, ready to create the life of your dreams, which is the greatest of gifts every participant of the concert or training session takes away.

The Goddess Show

„The Goddess“ show, co-produced with one of Enigma’s producers, Jens Gad, was the first project where AMIYA’s educational knowledge, spiritual wisdom and personal mission were merged with her musical talents. In this extraordinary show, women were invited to experience their feminine, goddess qualities. In additional to masterful music and boundless vocal expressions, this beautiful event featured elements of aromatherapy, spiritual dancing, healing sounds of drums as well as inspiring utterances by AMIYA herself in between all the spectacular show-elements. Here, for the first time, AMIYA started to share her deep insights and wisdom with her concert audience. This was the beginning of an absolutely new direction.