Listen to the Wisdom of Shiva Mountain


by AMIYA Andre Pabarciute

About the book

In this video AMIYA Andre Pabarciute is telling a story about the creation of her new mysterious book „Listen to the Wisdom of Shiva Mountain ARUNACHALA“. This book was channelled by Amiya directly from this sacred mountain of Shiva in India, while in deep meditation.


Love is nothing but my imagination of how things should be in life. I dream of happiness, ecstasy, and bliss, and of amazingly successful life. I expect life to be given to me for these experiences fill me completely and then… to continue uplifting me with endless joy and happiness every day till I die. Love is a must in this dream and on my list of wishes. It has to be achieved as inspiring positivity, good emotions, and a big smile on my face. All of this is what my brain would love to experience, and….there is no place for pain there, in this vision. There is neither physical, nor emotional, spiritual, or mental pain. Just a sparkling happiness and bright colors are there, in my desirable dream.

Love is much greater than this narrow, tiny dream of my mind. Love is giving birth to all the variety, to the fullest range of colors, sensations and all kinds of experiences. Love is guiding me along the path of endless changes, variations, births and deaths, lights and shadows. It is expanding my capacity to live fully: in all dimensions, vibrations, and aspects of life at the same time. Only this extreme force of Love can guide me beyond my adaptation and comfort zone. Love leads me into the most open, sensitive, extremely alive state of being and into total participation in this mystery, which we call “life”.

Love will break down all my protections and my projections onto life and onto the future. It will quickly grab me from my shy confusion and the state of fear, and will drag me into a boundless ecstatic openness towards all what IS: here and now. Love does not know the word NO. It is a total YES. Yes to all types of pain, joy, situations, people, feelings, and experiences. There are no things or phenomena in life, which would be created by mistake. Love is Great. Its glory can be perceived only through endless combinations and variety of creation.

Human mind has a habit to protect itself from pain. Why? Because it takes more activation to deal with pain, when it happens. The same is with great joy or happiness as well. My mind will try to suppress the intensity of joy and happiness, because remaining in it would require more activation. Human beings are used to a misleading standard of what a human being should feel and act like.

The level of energy, mind, spirit, and soul activation is not high enough. It’s actually the minimum needed in order to have a chance to experience the miracle of life. That is why people are so miserable.  They are not activated enough to see the true beauty and greatness of life. We are misled with the examples and ideas of how human beings should live.

We interpret life as good or bad, painful or enjoyable, promising or hopeless. That is why we cannot see the play and greatness of love. We cannot understand what Love wants us to be or whom to become. We don’t see life challenges as a great help for awakening from our limited dream into an ultimate understanding of who I am, and how I am, and what my path is here, in this incredible mystery of life.

Love is Light. Love is the great force of creation, its a dance of all possible appearances in existence. I am Love. I am part of this unpredictable, astonishing play of creation. I do not know what I will become the following day, as Love’s sparkling creativity has no boundaries or limits.

I feel happy when I feel my own self connected with all that is. I am connected through Love. Love dispenses me into hundreds of thousands of aspects, pieces, and processes, all happening at the same time. Love leads me back home into oneness with all. To love means to be absolutely connected with all that is. It means to be open to any changes, shifts, and modulations to manifest through my being.

Am I ready to become the Love itself by letting my awareness to discover this law of Love?

I am a brush in the hand of the greatest artist – Love. I am one of millions of colors in the painting of life. My resistance to the flow of Love is just a stressful way to be what Love wants me to be anyway.  Why not surrender to the precise and solid strokes of Love? If I want to be full of Love and Light, surrender and total openness is the way to go. Remember: Love is the great Creator. My life is born out of this creativity.  My life has no other goal except to be experienced as the unpredictable mystery of Love.


No one has ever felt loved enough by others. No one has ever experienced the totality through the presence of the other. Life holds the highest secret: “be the one who is love itself. Be the pertinacious presence for your own total fulfillment. No one is able to replace your own richness and everlasting penetrating light.”

Keep your vision facing inwards. Let this enormous bright beauty from within burst into your entire brain.  Make yourself the most magnificent: happy being in the reality of your own life. No one will be able to let you down then. Miracles happen. But the most significant miracle is returning back home to your primal beingness.

Being relaxed means being humble, kind, and radiant. The perception is following the wholeness of the universe. What needs to come to life, will be perceived in the needed way. The practice is to let go of the conviction that the only way to live is to fight for and get the things you need. Your life is much more than you notice and expect. To follow the narrow description of life is to be as stupid as a cow is. Naive and stupid, but with the great lack of presence, on the contrary to the way a cow is. The presence of the cow is total, pure, and so united with all that is. The cow is a great teacher of how to be blended into this fabric of life. You have a chance to be present and to enjoy the perception of the great creation. Every moment the living creation is revealing its complex beauty through the millions of processes. You have a chance to be and participate in it by way of perceiving. Do not let your stupidity take over the most delightful process of witnessing the Life. To be dull and stubborn in your own believes is such a waste. That is what a stupid pride is. Being so attached to your concepts makes you an obtuse fool, incapable of true joy. Chances to enjoy your being are then lowered to almost zero. Which is also a good, promising challenge to finally wake up from an inadequate and torturing dream. The dream of a fool, convinced of being the King of truth.

Pride is nothing but a bondage. The heavy history of humanity is pushing down the natural lightness of your natural presence. No one can decide what is truly right or wrong or real. All is but your taste for the universal variety. You do not need to even select anything in your life. The life itself selects your temptations for being gracefully lived. Your choices do not matter. Results do not matter either. Let the dreams come true by accident, without any effort. Let the innocent curiosity win against the pride. Let the febrile mind rest for a while and be surprised by the extreme beauty of life.

Pride needs to be healed with surprising turns of life. When you do not know and you do not expect, you are like a child. So real, authentic, alive, open, and raw. Let your mind be child-like: playful, directly reacting, spontaneous, and soft. Be the life itself.


The world is not created for the fulfilment of my dreams but to create the dreams. To worship the endeavors of making dreams take a material form is a big waste of time. The real religion is the true listening and no doing. Silence contains the hidden path of liberation, of ultimate freedom and joy. True creativity arises from the vibrant womb of silence. Let your mind surrender to its complete beauty and transcendence. No thoughts, no state of mind make you a genius creator. The creator of your omnipresent beingness. However, the mind wants to participate in this dance of creation as well.

When the wind blows into your hair, your skin, and your body gently reacts. It follows this soft song of the wind. When the spirit runs the life, all the atoms follow without resistance, into new correlations of existence. Why are we resisting the loving touch of the spirit and life itself? When we forget our oneness with all that is, we suffer… There is no need to suffer unnecessarily.  Life has no borders or limits for self expression. Therefore, my dreams and wishes will be lived in a more profound way then my mind can imagine. There is no need to think about the best plan for self-realization, as the plan reveals itself. Wait. Listen. Follow the gentle movements of the breath of life. No need to rush or to protest.  The greatest joy is to return to the essential sense of being a part of the ever changing wholeness. There is not a single element that exists separately from the whole. I do exist in everything that is. Being present is the essential creation, the essential act. Just let everything happen in its natural order and way.

Life does not need corrections or ideas of how to become better. All evolves towards the supreme peak and returns back to the source all the time. Light will find the way into your life through effortless openness and silent listening. You are the omnipresent soul of light. “To surrender. To follow. To move and to listen again.”

To walk down the path of illuminous awakening means to fully destroy this chaotic, clumsy thinking process in your head. Contradictory thoughts lead you into a great confusion. Things lose their essence in the smothering arms of the mind. All things are shadowed by the activity of thinking. You do not see the true world! You do not see true, illuminous beings, human beings! This ecstatic clarity in this very moment is transforming you into the bits of your existence. No shadows can hide the supreme essence of the world in the purity of your presence. You can live the eternal light presence embodying it through the momentum of your temporary life. Your senses will be transformed into a new dimension of an ultimate, joyous intensity. Your concepts will melt away in the infinite ocean of unlimited consciousness. You will become the bottom of life’s mystery.

Do not chase after the fulfillment of a dream. Be the spirit of the revealing dream itself. Your presence is the sacred altar of creation. Your being is the blessing for the life to appear, to express itself fully and to disappear back into the unknown.

Your mind is not an enemy. Let it play in the tiny lovely garden, in the periphery of your boundless consciousness. Make sure that this rational child has interesting, exciting toys to play with. Keep it placid, curious, and soft. Give him relaxing, easy games to play. Take care of your tiny mind. But stay and be the endless ocean of awareness. Live your eternal essence.

The vastness of life‘s expression cannot harm you, as you are the vastness itself. No matter what happens with your life, you are a holder of a refined, true understanding: life cannot harm you. Life is an expression of your endless beauty and potential.