Awaken the Wisdom of Love

Life-changing musical-lecture with Andre Amiya.

An Invitation to Love

Awaken the Wisdom of Love is a music-lecture about the many lessons a conscious human-being can learn through love and relationships. With the help of subtle emotional, intellectual and energetic techniques, Andre Amiya, a spiritual teacher and a singer, helps the audience clearly see how they can grow in their relationships and transcend into a new quality of life. This is a lecture, which has the potential to awaken your most profound source of wisdom – your Heart.

Magic in Every Detail

Andre Amiya, a spiritual teacher and a professional singer of limitless abilities, has infused this event with both spiritual teachings, practices, and consciousness-raising techniques as well as modern music, improvisations and so much more. Below are some of the elements you will experience.

Spiritual teachings

Learn to transform love into a joyous, natural, daily state.

Magnificent music

Enjoy magnificent songs and experience Andre’s teachings on all levels.

Boundless voice

Be surprised by the vast and powerful nature sounds made with voice.

Conciousness rising

Contemplate spiritual texts in a full-immersion experience.

Audience involvement

Learn through deep emotional reflection, chants, and meditation.

Infinity looping

Dive into an unbelievable sea of sounds, complexity and variety.

And so much more...

Improvisations to awaken the creative mind / Modern sound effects / Differentiated Functional States for wholistic transformations / Visualizations / Three great musicians on one stage / violin sounds / live piano music / healing sounds of bells / A variety of global-ethnic singing techniques / preževent homework / post event follow-up.

I want to create an event, an experience that would burn the fences between people. I want to inspire them to make healing changes and to make harmonious decisions in their lives. Singing, sharing my own findings and energy – this is one of the ways in which I am able to share at least a drop of love, joy, and clarity I have found in my own life’s journey. – Andre AMIYA

About Amiya

AMIYA is a spiritual teacher, personal-growth and life coach, the founder of many self-development programs for women, couples, and individuals as well as the founder of a successful teaching center, a best-selling author and sought-after singer, composer, and producer.

AMIYA’s professional musical career began at the age of 5. Since a very early age, she showed coordinator talent and won numerous musical awards as a piano player and as a singer. At the age of 14, AMIYA started her path as a jazz singer, composer, and producer of different art projects. She released 3 albums.

AMIYA is gifted with exceptional vocal abilities beyond all boundaries.

Why is This Musical-Lecture Special?

Authentic Format: Musical-Lecture

In order to learn, experience and integrate AMIYA’s teachings at the deepest level, you will be taken through a unique teaching process: a musical-lecture, composed of two essential parts: (1.) classical lecturing of a spiritual teacher and (2.) powerful musical performance, filled with improvisations, atmospheric nature sounds, ethnic-singing of archetypical sounds, chanting and so much more. Here, AMIYA uses music as a powerful way to bypass the safeguards of the mind and directly touch and heal the heart of the listener.

Atmospheric Nature Sounds

As one of the most powerful means to expand the consciousness of the listener, AMIYA also uses her voice to create virtuous atmospheric sounds. Due to her magnificent vocal abilities, she stunningly performs the sounds of birds, trees, oceans, and wind. All with her voice. Live. On stage. This extended vocal technique is very special in the process of learning. It breaks all logic patterns of the listener. Deeply astonishes him. And invites to open up to possibilities one was not aware of before.

Differentiated Functional States

AMIYA is one of the best experts in the world in Differentiated Functional States (DFB). DFB is a highly advanced psycho-energetic self-regulation system, where the practitioner is able to identify, choose and embody a wide variety of states, ranging from sensual, bodily states all the way to deeply spiritual and exalted ones. In Awaken the Wisdom of Love, AMIYA uses DFB to enter and take the audience into states of acceptance, empathy, and love.

Looping for Infinite Possibilities

AMIYA uses a modern way of extending her vocal abilities with modern IT solutions. She uses the technique of live looping to create a sense that not one, but rather many singers are present on stage. Live looping is the recording and playback of a piece of vocal expression in real-time and replaying it while singing and playing live on top of the replayed piece. This can be done multiple times to achieve incredible sound density, complexity and variety.

Meditations and Visualizations

During the musical-lecture, the listener is guided through powerful meditations and visualizations. This is an incredibly important part of the experience, because not only do they dive into the deeper aspects of themselves, but, even more importantly, this way they learn tools to that they can work with long after leaving the lecture. Therefore, the participant gets very practical know-how on how to improve their lives.

Chanting Live and in Real Life

During the musical-lecture, the audience chants powerful chants, which work on the subconscious mind, on the rational mind, and on the emotions. Science shows that repeating chants can transform old beliefs into new ones. The ones that heal and attract the life circumstances that we all yearn for. Therefore, not only do we chant during the musical-lecture, we hand out key chants in print format so that the listeners can take integrate them into their daily lives.

Three Musicians on One Stage

All three artists are world-class professional musicians, with a professional career ranging from 12 to 18 years. AMIYA’s professional musical career started at the age of 5 and she is performing professionally on stage for over 14 years. Agne is a professional violin player, who plays with prestigious orchestras such as „Kramerata Baltica“, which holds a Grammy award. Vytis is a musician who plunges into the sea of sound as if it were a gyre of fantastic adventures where no chances are to be missed.

Elements of a Variety of Global

It is difficult to fully grasp the magnificent abilities of AMIYA’s voice (not to mention describing them!). Over her long career, AMIYA has studied and mastered many styles of singing. From classical singing all the way to expressing sounds of nature (birds, animals, elemental forces and much more!). Yet in between this range, there is also a sea of other techniques. Each worthy of separate elaboration. AMIYA also sings and chant in the following global-ethnic styles: Hindi, Japanese, native American Indian style and ethnic style of the culture of Tuva.

Lecture of a Great Teacher

Awaken the Wisdom of Love is a copyrighted-intellectual work of AMIYA. It is a unique, deeply moving musical-lecture, a transformative conversation with the audience about the wisdom that we are all able to awaken within ourselves. The goal of this lecture is to greatly expand the consciousness of the listener and to help him answer his own casual as well as spiritual questions related to the vast topic of Love.

Topics You will Learn About

* Why do we struggle to find, accept and to retain Love?
* How to base a relationship on Love rather than ego?
* How to transform shifting emotions into a permanent state of Love?
* How to turn pain into a fast-track leading into Wisdom and Love?
* How to uncover the overflowing fountain of Wisdom of your Heart?
* What can you do NOW to awaken into Love?

Awaken the Wisdom of Love – Invitation by Andre Amiya